Leonardo da Vinci and Gozo Shioda

Mona Lisa

Leonardo da Vinci created "God's-eye" by Mona Lisa.

He thought the essence of the religion as projection of human soul.

He succeeded in creating mirror of soul in this work.
He put out all evidences that let feelings of the portrait character being determined so as to neutralize all features of the portrait character. For instance, expressions of mouth and hands, clothes color, seat angle, sex, and backgrounds.

The expression of this person is everlasting changing. It depends on each appreciator and the mental condition of those that watch this picture. This effect gives this portrait reality. In a word, it is an essence of religion to make human ethics, and to make God that person images in its mind, namely surveillance camera that is invisible, let human hold self-control. 



With urbanization, people created artificial spaces in their living area and be able to pursue causal relationship in urban space because Nature is excluded in urban space and Cause is limited to artificial ones in it.

Therefore, along with the Renaissance, humans began to focus on controlling themselves by reason.
In urban space, we, humans come to believe that Cause is human-made because there is only something that makes senses to humans in urban space. 
So, God's eyes are the eyes of one's own mind monitoring oneself in civilized society, that is reason.

Morihei Ueshiba did not emphasize reason so much because he grew up in countryside in the 19th century: more polytheistic.
Unlike Morihei Ueshiba, Gozo Shioda sees God as a matter of one's own mind because 
he grew up in Tokyo in the 20th century. So, he is more monotheistic: he focuses on objectivity by reason

Leonard expresses his attitude toward God in paintings and Gozo Shiota expressed it in martial arts.
Their attitudes are similar.