Aikikai and Yoshinkan/ Catholic and Protestant

< Catholic and Aikikai>


 The Catholic fixed point is the church.

 The Catholic is originally an indirect deal between believers and the God. The priest is greater than the believer. Only priest can stand between the believer and the God. He interprets the Bible for the believers.


The interpretation for the Bible was restricted because of priest standing between the God and believers. So, Catholic organization is monolithic, such as Aikikai organization. Therefore, the organization of the Catholic is centralized. Aikikai is also more centralized about economic management than Yoshinkan. 


Ueshiba family in the Aikikai organization corresponds to Church in Catholic, and the priest in Aikikai is Morihei Ueshiba.

 Interpretations for the Bible is controlled by priest.  In Aikikai, Ueshiba Morihei's Aikido is considered to be the Aikido.


 Also, Aikikai and Catholicism are more polytheistic than Yoshinkan and Protestant. 

Aikikai which has Shinto religion, which is polytheistic. Marianism and saintly faith in Catholicism.





< Protestant and Yoshinkan>


 On the other hand, Protestant has pastor, not priest.  In Protestantism, an direct deal between believers and the God.  And each believer can directly interprets the Bible. So, the organization was fragmented.  This is similar to Yoshinkan losing unifying force, which is decentralization of authority about economic management.


 Also, in generally Protestantism, the Bible is replaced by church as portable fixed point for commercial expansion at the request of the times because they cannot bring church. The fixed point for Yoshinkan organization is the six basic techniques. The six basic techniques can not be taken away from the organization that presume Yoshinkan Aikido. Both the bible for the Protestant and the six basic techniques for Yoshinkan are an ideology for each community. In Yoshinkan, the basic six techniques depend on each professor, such as interpretation of the Bible depending on denomination in the Protestant.



 Also, for professors of Yoshinkan in Japan, Ueshiba Morihei is the pastor, rather than a priest. That is, Morihei Ueshiba is less apotheosized. 




< Naturalized and Organized >     


 There are Yoshinkan Aikido areas in the Eurasian continent. In these areas, there are Eastern Orthodox Church, Protestantism, and British Orthodox Church, etc.. 


That is, these areas are more monotheistic and also decentralization of authority, compared to Catholicism. 

Aikikai organization and Catholicism is more centralized and polytheistic.

Catholic is a mixture of indigenous religions and being more naturalized than Protestant religions. Protestant originated in urbanized societies and is more unitary and logical than Catholic.


Both Protestant and Yoshinkan organization grew up in the city: They are more monotheistic.

It has been hard to spread Aikido Yoshinkan style in the Catholic area of the European continent.







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