Thought  · 2020/07/04
アメリカを経験した日本の心理学者に直接訊いてみたいことがある 感じていることを投げてみたい . . 心理学は他人ではなく自分自身の欠点や、自分自身の原型、生な部分と向き合う だからこの分野は自我が強く、主観と客観を同時に強くもった人に適性がある気がする . .

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Pablo Picasso and Photography

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Epimenides Paradox

Thought  · 2020/05/18
Destroy everything that already exists It’s a new era when forms, rules, established concepts, and vested interests are destroyed These are made into new ones The world is being redesigned now Destroy what people don't need It is a time when sharing is stronger than owning Work in an ideal place and time Humanity does not own things, aiming for a life that is not tied to time New life styles catch on with the times, such as subscriptions, leasing, reduced work hours, flextime, and...

Thought  · 2020/05/18
〈Between Belief and Religion〉 Due to the influence of corona, the remote communication is getting to be increased, and the informatization of society will proceed by it because of demand for explanations and verbalized thoughts. When exporting cultures abroad, misunderstandings tend to occur because unconscious rules in each culture are not verbalized. Friction is likely to arise from the conflict of premised definition. Therefore, religious perspective in Japan should be mentioned....

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About Photography

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About the Novel, "Into the Wild"